Being able to lose weight is all about burning more calories than what you consume and to do this you should have the highest metabolism possible. Unfortunately some people do not naturally have this high metabolic rate and don’t know how to boost their metabolism so they find it harder to lose that excess weight. There are many ways to increase your metabolism but all the methods included in my list are natural and very effective  I am going to give you

5 Ways on How To Increase Metabolism And Lose Weight Fast.

1. Eat Breakfast Every Day

After eight hours or so of not eating (while you are sleeping) your body needs a kick start in the morning. Your metabolism will immediately be increased when you eat breakfast. That’s where the saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” comes from and it really is. You actually burn more calories earlier on in the day so it is better to have a healthy sized meal to give you energy for the day ahead and it is likely that the food will already be burnt off by lunch time!

2. Small Portions

Eating smaller meals throughout the day can really give your metabolism a boost. Maybe take each of your three meals and make them into six. These small but definite meals during the day plus healthy snacks will keep your body working to burn them calories because it will know it’s next meal is not far away. You will still be consuming the same amount of calories that you usually would but your metabolism will keep rising during the day. This is also a method that is well known for stopping cravings and it’s likely you will not feel as hungry as you usually would also.

3. Green Tea

If you don’t already, start drinking green tea. If you have heard all the benefits of green tea then you will not be surprised when I tell you it will majorly boost your metabolism. It has many other weight loss benefits such as working to burn fat and giving your body a full detox. If you are get caffeine craves in the mornings, then ditch that costly coffee habit and go green instead. You will feel so much more energized and healthier in every way including your metabolism will shoot through the roof.

4. Work out

Exercise particularly cardio is a great way to give your metabolism a boost. It will also make you sweat like crazy, burn calories and gain muscle. The best time to have a good cardiovascular workout (such as running or swimming) is in the morning about an hour or so after breakfast. This will increase your metabolism and make you happier about the day ahead. Doing exercise will release feel good endorphin’s which will alter your mood for the better. The more you exercise and your endurance improves, you can increase the length of intensity of your workouts to ensure maximum benefits.

5. H20 (WATER)

Water is your new best friend, when your not sipping on green tea that is. It is unbelievable when you consider all the benefits that this refreshing but tasteless drink offers. In addition to being a big metabolism boost the drink will also clear your body of any bad toxins and promises you great skin and hair. Not enough water intake will decrease your metabolism, you can make sure that your water is as cold as ice to reap the metabolism boost even more. Keep a water bottle with you at all times, your body will thank you for it later.

You know when people reply to compliments about their weight with the standard “I’ve just got a high metabolism”. Well  you will be able to give the same answer when the weight starts to drop off.

You are in control of your body and your life, by understanding what makes us burn calories and lose weight makes it so much more achievable. Metabolism is a big part of this so give yours a much needed boost today. 



5 Ways on How To Increase Metabolism And Lose Weight Fast.

Forget slimming pills and starving yourself, the best and healthiest way to drop the pounds is to eat fat burning foods. If you want to know how to lose weight fast then carry on reading because I am going to tell you about the 7 best fat burning foods that exist, in no particular order. By swapping your usual choices for these and incorporating them into your daily lifestyle, you will see amazing results in no time.

Citrus Fruits

People who eat plenty of citrus fruits overall have a lower body fat percentage than those who don’t. This is primarily down to vitamin c in the citrus fruits (vitamin c has many other health benefits also!)

It has been scientifically proven that the more vitamin c in a persons blood, the smaller their shape and size is.

So on your next grocery shop, be sure to pick up plenty of oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits. These foods are delicious, thirst quenching and they are perfect fat burning foods too.

Lean Meat

Protein is a great type of food to eat to lose weight and it gives you energy when you are working out too. Lean meats have plenty of protein and you burn about 30% of the calories in the meats during the digestion process alone. Incorporating meats such as chicken and turkey into your diet is very effective as well.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a fat burning food, celebrities including Gisele and Beyonce have put their amazing bodies down to this food. It has been used in Mexico and Africa for years and it has many health benefits. What makes it a fat burning food is the fact that cayenne pepper helps with the increase of lipid oxidation. Lipid oxidation burns fat for energy which is a dieters dream.

Salmon and Other Fatty Fish

Wild Salmon is delicious, healthy and just as good as all the other fat burning foods. It is full of fatty acids but it is the good kind of fat that is essential for a strong and healthy body. The omega 3 acids in Salmon helps to decrease insulin resistance in the body, insulin resistance is a big contributor to gaining weight and other health problems. Omega 3 will also stimulate your body into producing something called leptin. Leptin is a hormone that works hard to burn fat and also suppress the appetite, after a meal containing salmon or other fatty fish, you should feel full up for a long time.


You may need some breath mints after this one but garlic definitely has some advantages when it comes to burning fat. If you don’t like garlic, put it into some flavorsome dishes and you won’t even be able to tell that it is in there. Garlic has many health benefits, one of which is that it is a fat burner so ideal for losing weight fast. This is because garlic contains allicin, which is an ingredient that fights unhealthy fats in the body.


Chickpeas are a natural product that would be a great addition to your diet to help you lose weight. They are filled with protein and contain very little fat. Chickpeas are a great accompaniment for any nutritious meal and putting this fat burning food into your body will help you to lose weight. They help to burn fat that has already been stored in your body, so if you want to eat and drop pounds at the same time then this is the food for you.


This sweet spice is known as a miraculous food to lose weight fast. It is well known for lowering blood sugar levels, high blood sugar levels are known to make people put on weight quicker. Cinnamon could be a great addition to any sweet snacks and even tea and coffee.

The whole process is mostly down to what foods that you put in your body. The fat burning foods that I have talked about, can burn the fat off you which will majorly help you to lose weight and get the body that you have always wanted.

Add these foods into your meals as much as possible but try to keep the rest of your diet as normal as possible. Drink plenty of water and have an active lifestyle and you will be well on your way to a skinnier and healthier you.