This diet plan will help you lose up to 10 pounds, depending on your weight, height and so on. It is very low on calories, very strict and you should only try it if you feel like you can rise to the challenge. As you would have thought, it mostly involves eating cabbage soup, but you can also have other vegetables, fruit and certain types of meat, but you should never follow this diet plan for more than a week.

Cabbage Soup Diet – the best diet to lose weight fast. What’s it about?
The Cabbage Soup Diet is all about eating high-fiber, low-calorie foods and it’s something that you have to follow for 7 days, in order to achieve results. As I’ve said before, it will make you lose up to 10 pounds. The reason why you should not use it for a long period of time is because it was thought out with a purpose, which is to kick-start your weight loss.

Does It Work?
Of course, as long as you prepare and eat as much cabbage soup as you can! When you’re fed up with it, you can also have other things, but mainly fruits and vegetables, because they are low on fat, just like your cabbage soup, which means that you will feel full and you will also lose weight in the process.

Does It Have Any Negative Aspects?
You may feel windy and dizzy, because of the cabbage soup. And since it has little variation, it can be rather difficult to follow. It’s just a quick weight loss method, because you are at risk of putting all that extra weight back, once you stop dieting.

• Day 1

Eat as much cabbage soup as you want, along with plenty of fruits and vegetables, except for bananas, water and unsweetened tea of coffee.

• Day 2

Eat raw vegetables and cabbage soup, but no fruit. In the evening, you may have a baked potato!

• Day 3

You may have cabbage soup, fruit and vegetables, as much as you wish, except bananas and potatoes.

• Day 4

Have as much cabbage soup and skimmed milk as you want. You can also have a maximum of eight bananas.

• Day 5

All the cabbage soup you can eat, 565g of beef and six tomatoes. Beside this you can have between 6 and 8 glasses of water.

• Day 6

You may have an unlimited amount of cabbage soup, beef and vegetables, but no potatoes.

• Day 7

You may have as much cabbage soup as you want, plus a little brown rice and sugar-free fruit juice.

Here’s a tip for you: if you want to make your cabbage soup taste better, you can add some cayenne pepper to it.


Cabbage soup recipe
6 chopped large onions,

2 diced green peppers,

2 cans of diced or whole tomatoes,

250g of sliced mushrooms,

a bunch of chopped celery,

the half of a chopped cabbage,

2 sliced carrots, one package or dry onion soup mix, salt, pepper and if you want, you can also add one or 2 cubes of bouillon.

You can enhance the favors with curry powder, Cayenne pepper, mixed herbs or any other seasoning that you like.