Most often, people looking to lose weight will typically follow some diet or stop eating as much as they used to, thinking it will help them lose some of that extra weight. This, however, will not work in the long term, at all! The right way to burn some fats is to understand where the fats came from and then lose them. Losing fats is also more about maintaining a healthy lifestyle that ensures you do not gain all those fats because you balance them out with the necessary protein. A fit body needs a fit mind.

A fit mind is made up of a firm resolution. So many of us are conscious of the way we look and would want to change it but change occurs with a simple decision to change, your current lifestyle into a healthier one

Here are a few tips:

1.       Running

 Everyone who has ever tried to lose some weight has always started off or tried to stick to running or jogging. Running is a great way to lose some calories and probably the easiest to follow too. It is necessary to simply have a long routine to ensure you burn the most calories and shed all the weight you have been trying to. The proper way to do it would be to run for about 5 minutes with a pace of 10 minutes per mile to get rid off as much as 50 calories every time you do. That is some motivation that you could remind yourself off the next time you want to lose weight. Put on the sneakers and go for a run. Not only is it exhilarating and fun, but also is a great way to start off your day early morning, and before you know it, you’ve lost some weight. 

2.       Eating Habits  

Probably the most difficult option of the lot. This is the reason why so many of us stumble through our journey through weight loss. But in fact, with a little care, it could the simplest of them all. A few rules to follow and you’re good to go. One of the top ones is to give yourself a cheat day, but don’t cheat on food. Yeah, get away from the food for a day. The more you think about it, the more you want to eat it. Go shopping or learn to scuba dive. Weigh your options. Also refrain from eating dinner after 9 pm to avoid binge eating.

Other ways to help you with your diet are try to start with salads, come up with a meal plan to keep the calories in check, understand your protein, fibre and fats of a meal before you consume it, don’t drink but eat your calories, try to cook half of your meals at home and finally, when you see that pizza, ask yourself if you are really hungry, and if the answer is a resounding yes, don’t trust yourself.

3.       Walking 

This especially for the ones who sit at a desk, in one position, or in a place for long durations throughout the day. Walking 3-4 miles an hour can burn hundreds of calories, especially in overweight people. With some regular walking, it is extremely easy to gradually but eventually shed off weight but the catch is you got to do it. Brisk walking, an intense cardiovascular activity works wonders for all people trying to lose weight. The next time before you go walking, try to calculate the time you will spend walking and the calories you could burn. With each passing week, increase the time to a little more and soon enough, your body will get used to burning the calories and in no time will you lose weight.  

4.       Dancing  

Dance your way through almost 10 pounds in just a few months. Not only is it fun but also makes you much more flexible and makes your muscles and body toned. An everyday dance routine is effective in you burning some of those calories each day, under proper guidance. There are different kinds of dance types and routines for people with different interests. Zumba being a recent popular phenomenon. Also, no surprises here, but dancing is also extremely good for your heart and makes you strong. 

5.       Water 

Drinking water is the most affordable and genius of a solution to weight loss there is. This one is a no brainer. How it works is that drinking more water does not let your body retain water and thus you get rid off all the water weight I’m your body. It also helps you boost your metabolism so there your body responds well to consuming food. Other factors include water acting as a much needed appetite suppressant and cleaning your body of all the waste that in constituted of it. 

6.       Exercise

The right way to lose that extra fat, especially if you’re overweight, is get started with some weight training and aerobics. The right trainer will help you out with slower, easier exercise and then get into a rigorous routine that is much more intense. Exercise is the most reliable option there is. 

7.       Protein 

High protein breakfasts are the best kind of breakfasts there are. Milk, eggs, etc the list does not end. Choose your pick and stick to it to see some amazing results on your body. Protein is a great way to lose weight as it reduces how hungry you feel and boosts your body’s metabolism. However, remember to not over eat or increase the intake of junk food so you don’t have to eat more calories than you burn.  

8.       Coffee  

Though it is often considered as a myth and not being enough to lose weight as such, coffee does find its place on the list of ways to lose weight. It controls your hunger for a while and it is upto the individual to use that time as time to not consume more calories than he can burn. The appetite controlling effect works if you want something to control your hunger pangs.