Fad diets appear and vanish through the years, and you could have been convinced to follow one during the past (or even right now). Before doing anything, you may want to first think about the arguments of fad diets so you can make an informed decision.


They are usually pretty simple and don’t need lots of planning or preparation. You could have to eat only 1 food, or 1 or 2 quick and easy foods instead of preparing elaborate meals. That may be really attractive if your life is busy.

Fad diets usually work very fast for weight loss; it isn’t exceptional to drop 5-10 pounds rapidly. Much of that will be water weight, but it is definitely possible to burn up some fat too.

Fad diets can seem thrilling and fun because they’re unlike any other diet you have tried before. This effect can be intensified if you’re following the diet along with some buddies, family members or co-workers. Group challenges always motivate you more than working on your own.

Fad diets can also give you a feeling of success and achievement because they create results so quickly. Reasonable eating plans often take a little bit longer to yield noticable results, so fad diets are captivating exclusively for the fast losses.


They’re frequently unpleasant; having you eat or drink revolting things (or at the very least things that do not taste that great). If you don’t like bland or foreign tastes, most fad diets will often be a turn off to you.

The weight loss is never permanent; you’ll gain the weight back fast. You might even gain back more weight than you lost because your metabolism (basal metabolic rate) will have slowed down a touch if you were cutting your calories down too low.

Fad diets can become boring and uninspiring pretty quick simply because they’re so restrictive. This is true even if you are dieting together with pals.


But weight may not be the only thing you lose on a trend diet; they could cause major health complications and leave you wishing you never tried the diet at all. It isn’t unusual for people to suffer from heart or kidney issues when making extreme changes to their diet.

Needless to say, fad diets have plenty of benefits and drawbacks, evaluate carefully before you decide. It is generally best to do a check with your health care professional before starting a diet, particularly if that diet is very strict and your nutrition may suffer.