Fad diets are controversial and guarantee no permanent weight loss in the long run. But do you know what’s most surprising about them? The cult of fad diets is only growing and getting tractions each day. Let’s find out – which are the 10 most popular fad diets of our time? 

Zone Diet


In Zone diet, whatever you will eat throughout the day would be divided into various zones. Say for an instance- you are not allowed to have more than 3 meals and 2 snacks in a whole day.  The nourishment should be divided into -40% carb, 30% protein and 30% fat.  Started off by biochemist Dr. Barry Sears, Zone diet promises that by following it, you can lose up to 2 pounds every week. What’s more, your system will burn fat, even if, you are sleeping.

The French Woman Diet

The French Woman diet is one of the refined eating methodologies that don’t believe in shunning off gastronomic pleasures, in order to attain weight loss goal. Can you believe that a diet might be nudging you to eat sashimi, cheese, chocolate and red wine? Well, in French Woman diet, you are allowed to binge and sip onto all of these delicacies respectively. French Woman diet has faith in the calcium found in cheese, to trigger off weight loss. It like depends in red wine to block fat growth cells.

Raw Food Diet


The believers of raw food diet swears by eating organic fruits, veggies, unpasteurized milk- all unprepared and uncooked. The core belief of Raw Food diet is – foods lose their enzymes and nutrients when you heat them up above 118 degrees. So this diet urges the followers to use only blenders, food processors and dehydrators to prepare foods and not oven or stove. Preparing food in this diet requires through washing before you devour fruits/veggies.

Atkins Diet

This high-on protein– and- fat diet is ideal for those, who love their steaks and bacon sandwiches.  You might think- how one can expect a positive outcome through a diet which requires you to eat butter, cheese, salmon, goat meat and egg yolks? Well, that’s why Atkins emerges out among its peers.

Here, you need to devour less carb and more protein and fat. On the off chance you can’t survive without pasta and bread, then Atkins diet is not for you. The only form of carb you are permitted to have – should be from fresh vegetables.

Paleo Diet

Following Paleo diet mean hopping onto the time machine and traveling back to the Paleolithic age. Referred popularly as Caveman diet, Paleo diet stresses on eating only those foods that our caves- roaming forefathers used to have.

Freshly cut lean meat, fish, fruits, olive oil are some of the must-have fixings to include in the Paleo diet. Here, you are prohibited to use salt or refined sugar into cooking. Can’t start off the day without your skinny latte double shot? Sorry, then you are better off stay away from Paleo diet as dairy products are strict no-no here.

Mediterranean Diet

More than getting into shape, it was looking after the heart that brought Mediterranean diet into action. From there-on, its popularity has spread world-over. Mediterranean diet is also endorsed by a reputed entity like Mayo Clinic (which in itself is an accomplishment, especially for a fad diet). Olive oil and red wine are two chief ingredients in Mediterranean diet. Here, you have to survive on plat based foods, nuts, sunflower seeds and extra virgin olive oil. Cheese, egg and milk can be devoured in limited portion.

Gluten Free Diet

In the beginning, gluten free diet started out as a mean to fight off Celiac disease. People who suffer from this disease are allergic to gluten- the protein found in grains such as- wheat, barley, rye and sometimes, in oats. Gradually, gluten-free diet has turned into a famed weight loss movement, which goes high on protein and low-on carb. If you love traditional pasta, breads and cereals, then in order to follow this food methodology, you have to give up on all of them or look out for more expensive gluten-free alternatives.

Baby Food Diet

Off all the fad diets out there, baby food diet is craziest and the most (internet) phenomenal one. Rumored to be started by celeb trainer Tracy Anderson, baby food diet asks you to replace meals (except dinner) with baby foods. That means, say bye-bye to cut-fruit salad, pizza or steaks and say hello to jars of pureed fruits, pilaf or canned beef broths. The idea behind Baby Food diet has been- never to shed off more pounds. Rather, it’s all about maintaining the figure you have attained by losing the kilos in the past.

Blood Type Diet

The brain-child of naturopath Peter J. D’Adamo, Blood Type diet assigns you foods- depending upon your blood type. Based on O, A, B, and AB blood type- this plan encourages you to choose your nourishments.  Those with blood group O are recommended to stick to high protein diet, while for type A- fruits and veggies (excluding meat) consist of the main meal program. Do you belong to AB type? Then focus chiefly on dairy products and seafood. Blood type B is recommended to swear by only fresh veggies, low-fat dairy products and eggs.

Macrobiotic Diet

Macrobiotic diet is a way of life. Apart from including unprocessed, organic and raw foods into your weight loss regimen, macrobiotic diet emphasizes on finding the yin-yang balance of life. If you are planning to follow macrobiotic diet, then get ready to banish processed foods, refined white sugar, meat and dairy products from your routine.

Bring brown rice, beans, rice syrup (as a sweetener) fresh fish, seafood and organic veggies into your kitchen cabinet. Here, you can’t fry anything. Only boiling, steaming or baking is accepted. You have to chew every morsel minimum 50 times before you swallow it- in a macrobiotic diet!

Fad diets are not scientifically backed-up (except may be the Mediterranean one) and following any of it- might result in mood swings, hallucination or another health hazard. So consulting a nutritionist/dietician before you stick to a fad diet- is highly prescribed.